With the fall of the Iron Curtain, the “golden” one also fell — the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia had the opportunity to buy jewelry abroad. Of course, the native jeweler is good, but, firstly, our gold price is one and a half times higher than the average in the world, and secondly, the design of our products is a bit old. Therefore, an active minority turned its attention to the cheap gold of our southern neighbor – Turkey. Turkish gold is really good, inexpensive and easily accessible. In Istanbul alone, there are more than 2,000 jewelry workshops. Over half of the gold products produced in Turkey are bought by foreigners, including us. And now, good three-quarters of Orthodox crosses are suspended on Basurman chains. today gold rate in KSA is 166.29.

But now you brought from Turkey the desired ringlet. And then it turns out that you can’t either turn it over to a pawnshop or sell it for purchase since it has nothing to do with gold. It happens this way: part of the product is real gold, and part is unknown what. The product may even have a genuine hallmark of the assay chamber. Cases of manufacturing combined fakes are common. It is especially common, for example, that a castle in a gold chain is real, with a real brand, and the rest of it is made of an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc. Often, the technology is not followed in the manufacture of Turkish products, so broken jewelry cannot be repaired – it is too brittle an alloy that is not compatible with domestic solders. Money wasted in vain. Official statistics say that 60% of gold products imported into Saudi Arabia, the real gold content is significantly lower than the specified samples. And it’s not that this is Turkish gold.

Counterfeit gold has no nationality. With the same probability, fake gold can be bought in any country in the world, and even in our homeland. It is often more profitable to fake jewelry from us than to import from afar. Do not think that our compatriots are saints. There are dozens of clandestine jewelry workshops in the country that do not even hide very much, they just don’t reach their hands. And although tax officials annually remove tens of millions of rubles from illegal circulation of precious metals, the situation does not change significantly. Result: more than half of the gold jewelry sold in Saudi Arabia is fake. It’s not worth considering that absolutely all the gold things bought in Turkey, or, say, in China, are fakes. No, many of them are really gold, made of cheap gold stolen from gold mines or smuggled from Saudi Arabia. Indeed, in Turkey, there are no gold mines.

Just the desire to slap two skins from one sheep is very tempting for private jewelers. And the people from Turkey, Poland, China, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel are not lucky, but gold, and cheap trinkets – it is precisely in the products of these countries that counterfeits are most identified. But gold is not just jewelry, it is also a way of profitable investment. And since the Saudi Arabian gold market is flooded with fake products, it is too likely to lose most of their hard-earned money. So if you seriously want to invest in gold, give preference to gold bullion. Gold bullion weighing a gram or more are sold and bought by banks. 22K gold rate is 166.29. Only there you will receive a guarantee that it is really real gold. And, in addition, it costs almost half the price of jewelry gold. All over the world, people invest in banking gold. Now it can be done with us.

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